Where our differences connect us.

The Bridges Story

Watch Bridges co-founder Heath Fogelman describe:

  • The need for Bridges
  • The origin of the idea
  • The functionality of the platform
  • The vision for a Bridges movement that transcends the social platform

Bridges. Multicultural hands.

Connecting people with differences to foster understanding.

Bridges is a social platform--with the vision and goal to become a social movement--that connects people by their differences, rather than their similarities, and provides an antidote to social bubbles and the increasing polarization they generate by:

  • Empowering safe, civil, one-on-one conversations about our differences
  • Demystifying, rehumanizing, and giving a face to people around the globe who have different ideas and beliefs
  • Enabling discovery and learning through real-world, first-hand, human sources
  • Encouraging sound reasoning to present and explain our own beliefs and identities

Bridges. People joining hands.

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